Volare Watermelon Liqueur 700ml

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Volare cocktail liqueurs are made with real fruit and herbs that are carefully selected, macerated and distilled according to traditional processes handed down for generations, reserving the original fragrance and aroma of the ingredients used. Choose from a range of liqueur classics giving you the ability to easily recreate all of your favourite cocktails, mixed drinks or create your own concoction. Volare offer the great classics, the must-haves of cocktail making, the evergreens that have made the most famous cocktails unique. All Volare bottles have an integrated retractable pourer so you can free flow pour with ease and the bottle base has a small diameter to fit a boston shaker. 

The Volare story began in 1868 in Asiago, a small town in the Veneto Prealps, Italy. It was here, that a young pharmacist Giovan Battista Rossi prepared elixirs for holidaymakers. Surrounded by stills, herbs and spices, Giovan made extremely fine products with intense flavours and fragrances. He reaped successes and awards, such as the Grand Prix de Paris in 1904, leading him to open Distilleria Rossi in Asiago, the highest distillery in Europe. 100 years later, the Dal Toso family took over this production heritage together with the brand, creating Antiche Distillerie Riunite. Backed by lengthy experience they refined their entrepreneurial skills to lead a dynamic company, fuelled by an enthusiastic ability to "invent" unique, excellent products, always however true to local tradition and culture. These characteristics still distinguish the Volare range today.

Volare Watermelon is a completely natural liqueur with the typical taste of the fruit that defines summer.

Tasting Note: Transparent pink colour with a fruity aroma. Delicate, refreshing and light flavour.

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Fruit Liqueur

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