Fortified Wine

Discover some of the most distinct and delicious drinks born from years of tradition. Fortified wine is made just like any other wine varietal, by harvesting, pressing and fermenting grapes. In order to give fortified wines their characteristic flavours, spirits are added before the wines are aged. The result is a variety of complex, rich flavour profiles that can be served up in many ways, such as the perfect after-dinner digestif or addition to a cocktail. Buy fortified wine from Australia and around the globe from GoodDrop.

Why a good stocked liquor cabinet needs fortified wine

Not just for nannas, fortified wine is a category that has been a little overlooked in years past. Sure, a rich, sweet sherry or tawny port have their place in a lot of drinks and recipes, but there’s so much more to this diverse range of beverages than you might think. From the sweet and syrupy to the bitter and the fruity, adding a few thoughtfully chosen fortified wines to the usual suspects on your drinks shelf can pay dividends.

Buy fortified wine and more from GoodDrop

Whether you’re stocking up for drinks at home, planning a large group or corporate event or looking to try something new, GoodDrop can help you find any tipple for any occasion. From our range of classic fortified wines for sale to wines, spirits, craft beers and more, you’re sure to find the right refreshments at GoodDrop. 

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What drinks can I make with the range of fortified wines for sale? 

Fortified wines are a great, versatile option to have at home because they can be both served on their own or added to a variety of cocktails and even recipes and desserts. A fragrant vermouth bianco or vermouth rosso is delicious served on the rocks, or added to make a martini or negroni cocktail.

If you have a sweet tooth and love notes of caramel, Boronia Marsala makes for a delightful drink on its own, served with a cheese platter or used in desserts like tiramisu. And for fortified wine lovers, you can’t go past a sweet ginger wine or our aged tawny ports that come in a gift box for the perfect present.

What are the most popular types of fortified wine? 

There are a lot of fortified wines that span a spectrum of flavours, from sweet to dry, fragrant and herbaceous, fruity, nutty and bitter. Some of the most popular varieties include port, madeira, sherry, vermouth, ginger wine and marsala. Many of these types are traditionally made in certain areas, like madeira and port from Portugal, and marsala from Sicily in Italy, but Australia has also emerged as a new world producer of some excellent and popular sherries and tawny ports.

What is fortified wine?

Fortified wine is a type of wine that has had additional spirits, usually grape brandy, added to it during the fermentation process. This fortification increases the alcohol content of the wine and often imparts unique flavours. 

At GoodDrop, explore an extensive selection of fortified wines in Australia, from well-known varieties to premium hidden gems. We also invite you to explore our range of other wines and bestsellers and discover your new favourite tipples.

How do I store fortified wine?

On top of their delicious flavour profiles, our range of fortified wines in Australia are also more resilient than regular wines and can be stored upright in a cool, dark place. Once opened, they should be stored in a cool place and consumed within a few weeks.

What are some of the most popular types of fortified wine?

Port — A Portuguese fortified wine produced in the Douro Valley. Varieties include Ruby (youthful and fruity), Tawny (aged in wooden casks, exhibiting nutty and caramelised flavours) and Vintage Port (made from grapes of a single exceptional year).

Sherry — Hailing from Spain, Sherry comes in various styles. Fino and Manzanilla are dry and crisp, Amontillado and Oloroso are richer and nuttier, and Pedro Ximénez (PX) is intensely sweet and syrupy.

Madeira — Produced on the Portuguese island of Madeira, it comes in styles like Sercial (dry), Verdelho (medium-dry), Bual (medium-sweet) and Malmsey (sweet). Madeira is known for its unique ageing process, involving exposure to heat.

Vermouth — An aromatised, fortified wine infused with botanicals, herbs and spices. Commonly used in cocktails like Martinis and Negronis.

Marsala — Originating from Sicily, Marsala is available in dry (secco), semi-dry (semi secco), and sweet (dolce) varieties. It's often used in cooking and enjoyed as an aperitif.

How do I serve fortified wine?

Fortified wine is served slightly chilled, especially for Ports and Sweet Sherries. Dry Sherries, on the other hand, can be served at cool room temperature. You may also use smaller glasses, like wine glasses or specialised Port glasses, to enhance the tasting experience. For food, pair Ports and sweet Sherries with desserts, while drier Sherries can be enjoyed as a pre-dinner aperitif.

What is the purpose of fortifying wine?

Fortification increases the alcohol content, often to levels higher than regular table wines. It also stabilises the wine, preventing further fermentation and spoilage, as well as contributing unique flavours and aromas.

How should fortified wine be served?

Serve in smaller glasses to appreciate the complex flavours. Consider the specific type and style when determining the serving temperature.

What are the key flavour profiles of fortified wines?

Fortified wines offer a diverse range of flavours, including rich and fruity notes in Ports, nutty and caramelised tones in aged Tawny Ports, and a spectrum from dry and crisp to rich and nutty in Sherries.

Can fortified wines age?

Yes, many fortified wines benefit from ageing, with Vintage Ports and certain Sherries evolving and improving in complexity over time. Proper storage conditions, such as consistent temperature and humidity, are crucial.

Are all fortified wines sweet?

No, while some fortified wines like Ports and Sweet Sherries are known for their sweetness, others, such as Fino and Manzanilla Sherries, are dry. At GoodDrop, discover a range of fortified wines in Australia that can satisfy all discerning tastes and preferences. Whether you’re looking for sweet, dry or something in between, there’s sure to be an option in our selection perfect for your needs, 

What is the difference between vintage and non-vintage fortified wines?

Vintage — Made from grapes harvested in a specific outstanding year. Vintage Ports, for example, are known for their exceptional quality and are aged for an extended period before release.

Non-vintage — Blended from wines of multiple years to achieve a consistent flavour profile. Many Sherries, for instance, are non-vintage blends.

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