Take your whisky collection on tour and devour the sweet taste of an American classic prized for its saccharine flavour profile. Ideal for sipping neat to sample the full spectrum of high and low tasting notes or becoming the star ingredient in a brooding cocktail, the leading range of bourbon in Australia at GoodDrop has much for you to discover. Explore our selection and we’ll stock up your bar cart with cult favourites, emerging labels and small batch styles.

Cater your events, big and small, with the best bourbon in Australia

Lend your events a touch of American rock and roll and serve drinks with flavours representing a stateside twist with a Kentucky mule or an always popular old-fashioned cocktail. Its caramel-forward flavour will liven up the party, offer an indulgent pairing to salty food and snacks and barbequed meats and can even be used to enhance sauces and marinades.

Browse our entire range and opt for specialty labels, including Knob Creek, Bulleit and Real Beast, that experiment with fruity flavours and extended maturation processes that allow them to absorb more sugars for a sweeter taste and aromatics. Want to stick to old favourites to sip on after work or a premium variety appropriate for gifting? Take a look through famous names such as Jack Daniels, Woodford Reserve and Wild Turkey. Or opt for a smoother Tennessee whiskey that makes a fantastic introduction to American-style spirits.

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As a nightcap to end the day or a sumptuous drink to raise a toast with, bourbon and American whiskeys offer a rich blend of treacly tasting notes that are sure to satisfy every craving. Fulfil your taste buds’ penchant for brooding spirits at GoodDrop and check out our new offer deals to restock your drinks fridge at competitive prices. Shop the complete range and enjoy fast nationwide delivery, or swift next day delivery if you live in the Illawarra and complete your purchase before 11 am. 


What does bourbon taste like?

Depending on your bourbon’s mash of corn, rye, wheat and barley and how long it has been aged in oak casks, your favourite bourbon in Australia will spoil your palate with the saccharine taste of caramel, vanilla and oak. With its low flavours of molasses, spices and sometimes a fiery flavour towards the back of your throat from its high ABV, you can enjoy a balanced flavour profile to complement time spent with family and friends.

How should bourbon be served?

Bourbon in Australia is loved for its sweet and brooding flavour profile that lends itself to be sipped neat to sample its nuanced top and low notes or add a drop of mineral water to open up the spirit’s alcohol for more mellow tasting notes. Its medium body is easy to pair with various mixers, including cola, fruit juice and lemonade or blend it with other spirits and garnishes to build a vivacious cocktail.

What is the difference between whisky and bourbon?

Bourbon is a USA-style whiskey that must be distilled stateside from a minimum of 51% corn, be at least 80 proof (40% alcohol by volume — ABV) and be aged in virgin, charred American white oak barrels for at least two years. Additionally, these casks are usually sent to Europe and other whisky producers to age their creations and add a hint of bourbon’s signature molasses-tasting flavours.
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