Cognac & Brandy

If you’re looking for a drink esteemed with an air of refinement and an Old World grandeur, it’s time you discover brandy and Cognac. With a brooding flavour that coats your mouth and opens into a bouquet of fruit and spices, you can sip and swirl a snifter glass with a top-shelf label from GoodDrop.

Whether it’s an after-dinner treat for yourself or for celebrating special occasions, review the collection of Cognac and brandy and pick up a bottle from the world’s leading distillers, including Courvoisier, Hennessey, St Remy and local favourite Chateau Tanunda. 

Pour a finger of brandy and Cognac to relish an elevated experience 

From the orchards in France, Belgium and Australia, GoodDrop offers an expansive range of brandy, Cognac and rakija, among others, that celebrate the distiller’s recipes that have been handed down for generations so you can enjoy a drink imbued with tradition. With flavours of plum, apples and pear that sing on your taste buds when drunk neat and mixed into coffee or served with a new twist by blending into cocktails — however you enjoy it, you can drink it your way.

Create new drinking and flavour experiences at GoodDrop today

If you want to expand your drinking choices and sample bolder flavours, GoodDrop will stock your bar cart and events with our leading range of spirits, wine, beer and non-alcoholic beverages. Shop the complete selection and enjoy fast nationwide delivery, or if you live in the Illawarra and complete your purchase before 11 am, we’ll deliver it the next day for only $5.50 or for free on orders over $100.


How is brandy best enjoyed?

Brandy and Cognac are best served neat and at room temperature, as ice can dilute their bold tasting notes, and the cold can conceal their more nuanced flavours. Connoisseurs often recommend opting for a brandy snifter — a short-stem, wide-bellied glass that allows the flavour and aromatics to develop while encouraging you to cusp it with your palm to further warm its amber nectar.

For people wanting an accessible introduction, try adding the smallest drop of water into your Cognac and brandy that will mellow out its biting taste for a smoother drinking experience.

What are some types of brandy?

  • Cognac — Cognac is a PDO brandy best known for its premium positioning. It’s made from Ugni Blanc, Folle Blanche and Colombard grapes and is aged in oak barrels. Depending on its age, it’s classified into different grades, such as VS (Very Special, two years), VSOP (Very Superior Old Pale, four years) and XO (Extra Old, 10 years). 
  • Rakija — This brandy is popular among the Greek and Balkan peninsulas and is made from distilled fruit such as plum, pear and raspberries and can even include honey varieties. It’s aged in oak casks to soften its heavy flavour profile and features an ABV of 40%.
  • Calvados — Calvados is a French apple brandy that features a 40% ABV and offers a versatile drinking experience that can be enjoyed neat, added to coffee or mixed into cocktails.

What do brandy and Cognac pair well with?

Cognac and brandy are easily enjoyed as an after-work nightcap or digestif after a long meal with chocolate, cheeses and nuts that complement the spirit’s daring fruit tasting notes.

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