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Jack Daniel's Old No.7 Tennessee Whiskey 1 Litre

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Jack Daniel's is a world famous Tennessee Whiskey produced since 1866. Born into a family of 13 children in 1850, Jack Daniel bought his first whiskey still at the tender age of 13 and three years later he had perfected the distilling technique that would eventually earn Jack Daniel's the title of 'Best Whiskey' at the 1904 World Fair.

What set Jack Daniel's Whiskey apart from the hordes of others back then is the same thing aficionados of American Whiskey worship in the brand to this day. Jack Daniel was devoted to the 'charcoal mellowing' process as a vital step in the distillation of quality whiskey. While it adds both time and expense to the production; by slowly dripping the spirit through 10 feet of firmly packed charcoal, Jack Daniel's Whiskey is endowed with its rare smoothness and unique taste. It's this extra step that defines Jack Daniel's as a Tennessee Whiskey and sets Jack Daniel's apart from other bourbon.


Tasting Note: Dark golden, copper. Thick, oily, smoky, dense, corn syrup, earthy, smooth and woody with fruit undertones. Sweet, fatty, chewy, with burnt notes of toffee and toast. Woody with vanilla charcoal. Sweet, fat and toffee finale.

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