Rare & Collectable Whiskies

2018-cb-054.jpgRare Whiskies Online in Australia

Known worldwide for its subtle nuances of oak and grain flavours, whisky is one of the most prized collectable items for the discerning drinker. Find rare editions to diversify your whisky collection, as you search our special selection of rare whiskies online. We bring you an unparallelled selection of the best whisky available online in Australia, offering both single malt whisky and blends, with bottles hand-picked from some of the best distilleries in the world.

Find Rare Whiskies

Buy our collectable whiskies to share with guests, or store an exceptionally rare bottle as the pinnacle of your collection. Whether you buy whisky as a hobby or as an investment, GoodDrop has a variety of rare whiskies that are hand-selected to bring you the very best libations. Browse our whisky collection by the age of the beverage and its region to find exclusive editions.

Collect the Best

Collecting rare whiskies is about knowing which whiskies are worth buying and saving. If you are just starting your collection, choosing editions from our carefully sourced inventory is a great way to begin. Our collectable whiskies are inspected for quality and packaged securely for shipment. Your drink will taste as it should, and the bottle will look flawless — exactly what you expect from a collectible edition that looks as great on the shelf as it tastes in your glass.