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A special release of the iconic luxury Johnnie Walker Blue Label, the Casks edition is for those who seek new depths of flavour and a new way to enjoy blue label. Only one in ten thousand casks at the Johnnie Walker distillery have sufficient character for Blue Label, and in creating The Casks special edition, the incredible flavours that come from the casks themselves are showcased. The flavours drawn from these carefully selected casks have intensified to produce a robust and powerfully flavoured blended Scotch whisky with rich woody notes, deep smoke, traces of spice, a long linger oak finish and bottled at 55.8% abv.

  • 97 Points Scottish Blend - Jim Murray's Whisky Bible 2019, 2018
  • The Whisky Bible Liquid Gold Award - Jim Murray 2019 

"This is a triumph of scotch whisky blending. With not as much as a hint of a single off note to be traced from the tip of the nose to tail, this shameless exhibition of complexity and brilliance is the star turn in the Johnnie Walker portfolio right now. It is indeed the blend that every person who genuinely adores whisky must experience for the good of their soul, if only once in their life"  - Jim Murray

Tasting Note: The nose offers butterscotch, prunes, developing sherry and slightly earthy notes, along with oak and background smoke. Full on the palate with a silky smooth mouth feel; vanilla, ripe oranges, heather, honey, mocha, dates, walnuts, wood smoke.

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