• Bees Knees

    6th Aug 2020

    Bees Knees

    This week’s cocktail is the Bee’s Knees... this lemon, honey and gin delight is the perfect winter warming combination.  In The Mix Honey syrup: simply warm 2 tbsp each of honey an…

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  • Brazilian Coconut Cocktail

    30th Jul 2020

    Brazilian Coconut Cocktail

    Fancy a sexy Brazilian? We have one for you... the delicious Brazilian Coconut Cocktail.  You'll Need: 400ml coconut milk 1 can sweet condensed milk 1 cup of white rum – Vodka…

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  • Delicious Gin Cocktails

    21st May 2019

    Delicious Gin Cocktails

    The recent resurgence of Gin isn't a surprise with the versatility it offers it's drinkers. The juniper berry and botanicals blend give Gin a flavour profile unlike other liquors and the flavo…

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  • 2019 Patron Margarita's

    2nd Mar 2019

    2019 Patron Margarita's

    Gran Patrón Platinum is the world’s finest tequila. Crafted from the finest 100% Weber Blue Agave, then triple distilled and oak rested for a smooth and full-bodied flavor. The smoothest sipping te…

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  • Love Struck

    13th Feb 2019

    Love Struck

    Celebrate Valentine's Day with this fresh botanical and bubbly cocktail. Ingredients 150ml Rosé Champagne 90ml Gin 30ml elderflower liqueur 30ml lime juice How To Comb…

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  • Spiced Negroni

    15th Nov 2018

    Spiced Negroni

    With a peppery punch, this charged up festive negroni is a must try Holiday cocktail. Ingredients 25ml Gin 25ml Martini Rosso (red vermouth) 10ml Campari or bitter liqueur 5 whole…

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  • White Russian

    15th Nov 2018

    White Russian

    Decadent and sophisticated, the White Russian is the grown-ups milkshake. Combine vodka, coffee liqueur and cream and serve on the rocks. Ingredients 60ml Vodka  30ml Coffee Liqu…

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  • Prosecco Punch

    14th Nov 2018

    Prosecco Punch

    This has to be the easiest Prosecco cocktail ever! Simply mix it up with your favourite fruits for a flavour sensation. Ingredients 1 bottle Prosecco  1 Clementine 1/2-1 Lime f…

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  • Rum Espresso Martini

    14th Nov 2018

    Rum Espresso Martini

    The classic Espresso Martini gets intense with rich, dark Caribbean rum. Delicously smooth and induklgant.  Ingredients 25ml Captain Morgan Private Stock Rum 25ml Coffee Liqueur…

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  • Dark N Stormy

    28th Sep 2018

    Dark N Stormy

    The unofficial drink of Bermuda, where this drink was invented and adopted by the global boating and sailing community. The drink allegedly got its name from an old sailor who compared the d…

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  • Sidecar

    28th Sep 2018


    Traditionally made to be on the slightly sour side of balanced, the sidecar is a stunning cocktail. As drink historian David Wondrich has been quoted; the Sidecar is, “often singled out as the…

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