• Brazilian Coconut Cocktail

    30th Jul 2020

    Brazilian Coconut Cocktail

    Fancy a sexy Brazilian? We have one for you... the delicious Brazilian Coconut Cocktail. You'll Need:400ml coconut milk1 can sweet condensed milk1 cup of white rum – Vodka is also ok1 cup of coc…

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  • Chai Latte Martini

    22nd Jul 2020

    Chai Latte Martini

    Love your Chai latte? Take it up a level with a Chai latte martini. Combine in a cocktail shaker:50ml Absolut Vanilia Vodka20ml Kahlua35ml Cold Chai tea25ml Milk10ml Simple SyrupIceShake and stra…

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  • Butterfinger Cocktail

    8th Jul 2020

    Butterfinger Cocktail

    The most simple and scrumptious cocktail you ever did see...Combine 30ml each of the below into a cocktail shaker with ice:Butterscotch SchnappsKahluaVodkaBailey's Irish CreamShake well to combine.&nb…

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  • Mint Slice Martini

    1st Jul 2020

    Mint Slice Martini

    The only thing better than a mint slice bickie is a mint slice martini! And it’s so easy to make. Simply combine into a blender;  3 chopped Mint Slice biscuits1 shot Baileys1 shot Creme…

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  • Boozy Caramel Popcorn Shake

    23rd Jun 2020

    Boozy Caramel Popcorn Shake

    #Cocktail of the Week What’s that you say? Boozy Caramel Popcorn Shake? Coming right up...A sweet nutty delight with a much-needed kick to farewell the working week and slide into the weekend. Si…

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  • Orange Moscow Mule

    17th Jun 2020

    Orange Moscow Mule

    Woo hoo it's time for Cocktail of the Week! Ingredients45ml London Dry Gin25ml Orange liqueur25ml lime juice120ml ginger beer8 Mint leavesIceInstructions Muddle mint leaves with orange lique…

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  • Elderflower Gin Cup

    9th Jun 2020

    Elderflower Gin Cup

    ThINKing cocktails to kick start the weekend? ThINK Gin! Five ingredients is all you'll need to create the spectacular Elderflower Gin Cup at home.Ingredients LimeCucumber45ml INK Gin10ml Elder…

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  • Baked Camembert Cheese

    19th May 2020

    Baked Camembert Cheese

    Did you know, when whisky production is done at a higher altitudes, the lower boiling point helps producers easily separate the spirit from undesirable chemical congeners? This results in a silkier…

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  • Asian Style Pan-Fried Garlic Prawns

    5th May 2020

    Asian Style Pan-Fried Garlic Prawns

    These Asian style pan-fried prawns are so easy to prepare! These tasty morsels are sure to become a weekly favourite. It makes a delicious appetizer or can be served over rice. We recommend matchin…

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  • Is Whisky Good For You?

    12th Sep 2019

    Is Whisky Good For You?

    Noted whisky lover Winston Churchill once responded to a question about the drink's effect on its drinkers and their health by describing the spirit as follows: “[An] oil of conversation, the philoso…

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