• Pina Colada

    7th Oct 2020

    Pina Colada

    Liqueurs and cocktails are the perfect marriage. Malibu Coconut Rum Liqueur has been a staple in the classic Pina Colada for years and it’s still one of the most popular cocktails! And if you pop…

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  • Baileys Chocolate Mousse

    7th Oct 2020

    Baileys Chocolate Mousse

    You can’t go wrong with Baileys and this delicious alcoholic dessert is the bomb! And you don’t have to be a chef to make it! In The Mix200ml Baileys Irish Cream 2 eggs separated 150gm chocolate…

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  • The Cosmopolitan

    7th Oct 2020

    The Cosmopolitan

    We’re bringing back the Cosmopolitan! Why?It’s delicious. It’s easy to make and the taste never goes out of style. In The Mix 60ml vodka 30ml Cointreau ½ cup cranberry juice 1tspn lime…

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  • Paraiso Lychee Liqueur Martini

    30th Sep 2020

    Paraiso Lychee Liqueur Martini

    If like us, you prefer your fruit fix in a cocktail, the Lychee Martini is for you! This Asian tropical fruit is the star of the show, it’s sweet with just a touch of tartness. In The Mix 4…

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  • Vanilla Chai Martini

    23rd Sep 2020

    Vanilla Chai Martini

    Enjoy a sweet ending with a dessert inspired cocktail. The most delicious desserts don’t have to be enjoyed with a spoon, sometimes a glass is all that is required. The Vanilla Chai Martini is the per…

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  • ​Midori Illusion

    17th Sep 2020

    ​Midori Illusion

    Midori Illusion - a cracker of a drink that has earned the title of classic cocktail. With the weather starting to warm up, relaxing with this in hand on a Sunday afternoon feels like the first step t…

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  • ​Toasted S’mores Martini

    10th Sep 2020

    ​Toasted S’mores Martini

    This one will be a winner with chocolate and vodka lovers alike. Only liquor required is Baileys and vodka and we all have those in our cupboard, right? In The Mix1 ½ cups milk 200g milk cho…

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  • Dad's Day Whisky Sour

    3rd Sep 2020

    Dad's Day Whisky Sour

    A classic cocktail for all the classic Dads - the whisky sour. An old favourite that never goes out of style.In The Mix 60ml whisky30ml lemon juice1tsp sugar1 egg white (optional) To Make…

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  • Hot Apple Pie Cocktail

    27th Aug 2020

    Hot Apple Pie Cocktail

    Apple pie with a kick! Fruity, sweet and a bit of extra spice from Fireball Cinnamon whisky adds some oomph to a classic. A spectacular winter cocktail that you will want to enjoy all year r…

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  • Banana Daiquiri

    21st Aug 2020

    Banana Daiquiri

    An oldie but a goody! You can’t beat a classic and this one has stood the test of time. Simple to make as the main ingredient is available all year round. This recipe serves 4.In The Mix 120ml w…

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  • Bees Knees

    6th Aug 2020

    Bees Knees

    This week’s cocktail is the Bee’s Knees... this lemon, honey and gin delight is the perfect winter warming combination. In The MixHoney syrup: simply warm 2 tbsp each of honey and water and warm…

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