Vanilla Chai Martini

Vanilla Chai Martini

23rd Sep 2020

Enjoy a sweet ending with a dessert inspired cocktail. The most delicious desserts don’t have to be enjoyed with a spoon, sometimes a glass is all that is required. The Vanilla Chai Martini is the perfect dessert cocktail that will satisfy the sweetest of sweet tooths!

In The Mix

  • 2-3 vanilla chai teabags
  • 300-350ml tequila
  • 30ml cream
  • 60ml hot chocolate drink (prepare with cold milk not hot)
  • How To Make
    1. Place 2-3 vanilla chai teabags into a jar (cut off strings and fill with tequila)
    2. Let infuse for 4-6 hours
    3. Strain into cocktail shaker
    4. Add cream, hot chocolate drink and ice to shaker
    5. Shake well and serve into 2 chilled glasses

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