Bakery Hill Double Wood Single Malt Australian Whisky 500ml

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Bakery Hill offers an exclusive opportunity to savour the most refined single cask, cask strength single malt whiskies from Australia. Unique in the whisky world, Bakery Hill handcraft their whiskies to produce a malt of outstanding character, consistency and detail, providing the ultimate whisky experience for even the most fastidious malt whisky drinker. The process adheres strictly to a policy of single cask production at cask strength, to ensure barrels are never blended and the truly unique nature of each barrel is maintained. This means the malt can be enjoyed at the same strength as it left the barrel in the distillery. Just add a splash of water, to enjoy it at the strength you prefer.

As with classic malts, Bakery Hill uses only malted barley from Tasmania, yeast and water to achieve its flavour and aroma. No caramel is added in order to enhance the appearance. Barrelling at Bakery Hill is done using select second fill American Oak Bourbon barrels. French Oak casks are also used for the production of the classic double wood style.

"Nose; some major citrus and grapes makes inroads into oaky alt. a wisp of smoke or my imagination. Taste; more of the same with a fruit cakey feel now, complete with a slight doughiness to the malt, big busy middle. Finish; long classy finish with some further length and weight. Balance; high class whisky high is class whisky wherever its made. Get it up to body temperature and marvel." - Jim Murray

Tasting Note: Burnished bronze colour. Nose: hint of apricot, coconut revealing golden syrup and plum pudding wrapped in a hint of cloves. Subdued palate, mouth filling with marmalade, nougat sweetness and oak. Rounded, well finished, lingering to the very end.

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