Krombacher Alcohol Free Beer Pils 330ml

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There are more than 1300 breweries in Germany and over 13,600 breweries worldwide. But what sets Krombacher beer apart? The Krombacher success story began more than 200 years ago. Established in 1803,the Krombacher brewery has been owned by the Schadeberg family for many generations. Long-term planning and short decision processes, reliability and trust these are the qualities that have enabled the family company to grow from a regional supplier into one of Germany's most successful premium beer brands. German beer is renowned for excellence all over the world. 
One reason is the purity law of 1516 which requires that only water, malt, hops and yeast may be used in the production of beer. Krombacher is brewed exclusively in Krombach, located in one of Germany's most densely forested regions at the foot of the Rothaar Hills. The famous spring water of Krombach €Krombacher Felsquellwasser® is the most important ingredient in Krombacher beer. Its truly unique character makes it ideal for the high art of beer brewing. Krombacher Felsquellwasser® is exceptionally soft and low in minerals making it indispensable for the rich, incomparable Krombacher flavour. Krombacher beers owe their unique flavour to carefully selected certified hops. The moment the hops are delivered, master brewers inspect them meticulously and only top-quality ingredients find their way into the brew kettles. 
Non-alcoholic Krombacher Pils is the most popular non-alcoholic pils in Germany. Natural, isotonic and refreshing. Created using a special process that preserves the quality of the product. It is produced in combination with Krombacher Pils, from which the alcohol is removed by means of a membrane process and then what is called interruption fermentation in order to retain all of the aromas and authentic flavour of a Krombacher Pils. 6°C recommended drinking temperature. 
Food Pairing with many dishes from a juicy steak to poached or grilled fish.

Tasting Note: Golden appearance. Fine poured head, slightly sweet on the palate the sweetness soon changes to a fine malty flavour and lightly hopped dryness.

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