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Nestled in Morayshire, in the Scottish highlands, Speyside is home to Glenfiddich — producer of the world’s best-selling single malt whisky. You will also find a variety of whiskies from this geographical region, where distilleries are set against the rugged, northern landscape. Modern distilleries producing Speyside whisky operate alongside distilleries that have a centuries-old tradition. It’s all part of the whisky diversity of this unique region, tucked away in the north.

What’s Special About Speyside Whisky?

Speyside scotch falls into two distinct groups: whisky that is light, airy and often enjoyed as a midday beverage, and scotch that has a richer flavour, full of sweetness and sherried to perfection. Prized for its simplicity and character, Speyside whisky contains aromas and flavors of nutmeg, vanilla, malt, oak and even apple — flavors that are not always present in scotch from Scotland’s other whisky-producing regions.

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Choose your favourite, traditional Speyside whisky from our inventory — or try something more modern — and have it shipped to your door ready to enjoy. Our wide selection makes it easy to sample a variety of Speyside whisky and add impressive editions to your collection. Browse our premium distillations of Speyside scotch, all sourced from authentic distilleries nestled within the northern Scottish Highlands.