Jim Murray's Top Rated

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Having great whisky on hand for special occasions means you will always be ready to celebrate when the time arises. But how do you find the best rated whisky for a great right price, and get it quickly? GoodDrop brings you an unparallelled selection of the best rated whisky available online in Australia, with recommendations from world-renowned whisky critic Jim Murray. We offer an impeccable selection, competitive prices, and fast delivery straight to your door.

Why Listen to Jim?

Long known as the world’s leading whisky writer and critic, Jim Murray rates whisky for its taste, nose, finish and balance. Along with his team of researchers, he assigns each whisky a score and ranks the best rated whisky annually in his publication, Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible. Browse Jim’s selection of best whisky brands at GoodDrop, and use his advice to add to your collection.

Try a New Whisky

Whether you are new to whisky or a seasoned drinker, Jim Murray’s best rated whisky selection offers experienced guidance for adding bottles to your bar or whisky cabinet. GoodDrop sources whisky from only the best distilleries in the world, as identified by Jim and other sources of expertise. Shop our whisky selection by age, region, and brand to find new bottles your collection.