Fresh Drop: New + Limited


Fresh Drop; New & Limited Release Liquor Online In Australia

What is a GoodDrop Fresh Drop?

A GoodDrop Fresh Drop means we have sourced extremely limited stock of an item which will not be replenished once sold out. Get in quick if you want to try these limited edition, hard to find drops.

Rare Whisky

Every collector of premium alcohol looks for a hidden gem — an undiscovered or limited-release edition that will impress dinner guests or add to a collection of alcohol that has investment value. GoodDrop offers a stellar variety of rare alcohol to satisfy your discerning palette and collector’s eye.

Offering rare whisky, spirits, liqueur, champagne and wine throughout Australia, GoodDrop sources premium liquor from the best brands in the business. See our collection of limited and rare selections that are offered at competitive prices. If you find one that’s perfect for your palette, act fast. After these limited edition drinks sell out, they won’t be restocked.

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