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Moment Joyeux White Wine NV (6x750ml)

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Jaques de Merial is truly proud to put his name to a selection of the best wines from France, displaying some of the unique combinations of climate, soil and grapes. A classic French dry white with crisp, grassy and herbal fruit flavours. 

The Story

Jacques de Merial created Chantonet Blanc and Rouge in 1982, sourcing grapes from the Aude and Languedoc Roussillon regions in the South of France.  As Chantonet’s most famous wine maker, Jacques de Merial was responsible for creating this selection of some of the best and most affordable wines from France and named them to represent the French charm and “joie de vivre,” meaning “happiness of living.” He then went on to create Moment Joyeux, which translates to “Happy Times” and is exactly what this delightful selection of French wines will bring to any social occasion. Wines that are best shared with friends Moment Joyeux is synonymous with happiness, laughter and fun and is truly an everyday wine range defined by its quality, authenticity and usability. For French wine, Jacques de Merial has produced a range that is outstanding value for money.

The Region Languedoc Roussillon, France

  • The Languedoc Roussillon is one of the most important wine making regions in France, covering the area in the South of France bordering the Mediterranean Sea, between the west of the Rhone and Camargue, to the border of Spain and the Pyrenees.
  • It consists of five smaller regions, Aude, Gard, Hérault, Lozére and Pyénées-Orientales that all produce very different styles of wine.
  • The area has approximately 400,000 acres under vine and the main grape varieties are Crignan, Grenache, Mouvédre, Cinsault, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.
  • The variety and quality of wine from the region is outstanding and extremely diverse – this area offers excellent value for money and makes French wine affordable and accessible to the everyday wine drinker!

The Region Aude, France

  • The Aude is a warm and hospitable place with a unique heritage and great landscapes.
  • It is a lesser known region within the Languedoc Roussillon and has a third of its land dedicated to grape growing.
  • The departments of Aude spread from the Mediterranean Sea to the Pyrénées Mountains.
  • Within the Aude are eight AOC classified areas, these are La Clape, Quatorze, Corbiéres, Fitou, Minervois, Limoux, Cótes de Malepére and Cabardés.
  • All of the sub regions grow different grape varieties, on varied soil types, in different climates and as a result offer a fantastically diverse range of wines and wine styles.

Tasting Note: A classic French dry white with crisp, grassy and herbal fruit flavours.

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