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Sample some of our select aperitif brands from Italy, France, Greece and Britain. Enjoy the authenticity of the traditional and well-known vermouth, or mix in some ouzo or Campari in your next cocktail. When you order alcohol online from GoodDrop, you can enjoy these aperitifs mixed, on the rocks or straight-up for a rush of adventurous flavour.

GoodDrop Aperitifs

Essentially a liquid appetiser, aperitifs are traditionally enjoyed before a meal to stimulate and prepare the diner’s palate. The beverage’s name derives from the Latin word “aperire”, which means “to open.” Whether they’re stirred into a Spritz, mixed with soda, or simply sipped neat over ice, aperitifs are typically dry, bitter, and light, with a lower alcohol content than most alcoholic beverages.

You’ll only find the best aperitif bottlings at GoodDrop. Featuring historic brands like Pimm’s, Pernod, Aperol, and Campari, our bitter aperitif selection can be served to mingling guests at a dinner party or enjoyed any night of the week at home. Whatever the occasion, there's sure to be an aperitif that will match your dinner menu perfectly.

Aperitif history

Aperitifs have been around for centuries, with early versions dating back to Ancient Rome. The first recorded recipe for an aperitif was for a drink made from water, honey, and wine. This concoction was thought to help digestion and was even believed to have medicinal properties.

Fast-forward to 19th century Europe, and aperitifs were becoming increasingly popular, with many highly-favoured tipples originating in France. French aperitifs often included ingredients such as herbs, spices, and fruit juices. Vermouth is the best-known aperitif and travelled from France and Italy to America a few centuries later.

Aperitifs fell out of popularity in the early 20th century, but they have made a comeback in recent years. Today, there are many different types available, making it easy to find one that suits your taste. Whether you prefer a classic recipe or something with a modern twist, there’s an aperitif out there for you.

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From absinthe to pastis and Aperol liqueur, choose from the best aperitif bottlings on the market when you shop our online store. Opt for a traditional vermouth, or let us introduce you to a variety of aperitifs sure to challenge your palette. When you buy aperitifs online, you don’t just have access to a wider selection but also convenient and speedy delivery.

If you’re sending a bottle to a friend, colleague or loved one to mark a milestone occasion, express your thanks, or simply just because, why not make the sentiment extra-special by personalising your order? Simply type a message into the order comments field at checkout, and we will print your note in a complimentary gift card.

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Is aperitif consumed before or after dinner?

Before! An aperitif is a type of alcoholic beverage typically served before a meal to stimulate the appetite. On the other hand, a digestif is a drink typically taken after a meal to aid in digestion.

What is the difference between aperitif and digestif?

While both drinks can be either alcoholic or non-alcoholic, aperitifs are generally lighter in taste and alcohol content, and digestifs are typically richer and more full-bodied. Additionally, aperitifs are often served chilled or over ice, while digestifs are usually served at room temperature.

What is an example of an aperitif?

There are several different types of aperitifs, but two of the most common are Aperol, a sweet liqueur, and Campari, a bitter aperitif. These Italian aperitifs are usually enjoyed with a slice of orange or lemon and a dash of soda water.

Another well-known aperitif is vermouth, a fortified wine. It is made with a blend of white wines and infused with botanicals, such as herbs and spices. Vermouth is available in both sweet and dry varieties.

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