Johnnie Walker XR 21YO & Swing Scotch Whisky Pack 2x750ml

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Johnnie Walker XR 21YO Scotch Whisky 750ml

All in all, XR is an exceptionally rare and fitting legacy. Rare and highly dignified, Johnnie Walker XR is a testament to the legacy of the world's largest blended Scotch label. Johnnie Walker XR emerges as a celebration of the knighthood of Sir Alexander Walker, the original John Walker's son. Sourced from the private reserve of the Master Blender, Johnnie Walker XR also incorporates into the blend whisky from distilleries that are no longer in operation. Johnnie Walker XR is then aged for a lengthy 21 years, creating a complex and distinctively Walker whisky with endless layers of warmth and spice.

Tasting Note: This exceptional legacy blend is both warm and spicy on the palate with layers of complexity to suit the discerning whisky drinker. Offering the depth and intensity of aged oak, with subtle notes of vanilla and honey, and a smooth, generous finish.

Johnnie Walker Swing Scotch Whisky 750ml

Swing strikes the balance between luxuriousness and sophistication. A complex and sophisticated whisky with perfumed sweetness originally created by Sir Alexander Walker during the golden age of travel on transatlantic voyages. Johnnie Walker Swing takes its namesake from the rounded, convex decanter in which this liquid gold resides - a tip of the cap to the days when whisky would 'swing' away on the captain's desk to the rocky pitching and rolling of the sea rhythm, so as not to tip with the currents.

Swing has only recently been re-released in limited numbers after its extreme scarcity in previous years. A sweet Scottish Whisky, Swing is not just defined by its charming and innovative bottle, but is also a refined and elegant whisky offering in its own right, blending up to 35 different Scottish Whiskies to gain its distinct character. The blend contains a high proportion of malts from Speyside, where the single malts are noted for their elegance and complexity. Complementing them are malts from the northern Highlands and Islay, adding richness, spice and weight. Some have been matured in sherry casks over several years to gain richness, while others are lighter and aromatic. The result is a luxurious flavor that's light in the foreground, with sweet mouth-watering depth developing on the palate.


"Created by Sir Alexander Walker in 1934, a global audience of sophisticated international travellers continues to recognize Swing as one of the most luxurious blends of Scotch whisky available, duty-free, proving that true quality is indeed timeless." -

Tasting Note: A characteristic sweetness subdues the presence of a sherry fruitiness and smoky and peat qualities. Delightfully smooth.


Tasting Note: See item description.

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