Frogs Hollow Brewing Mimosa Mox Red Ale Cans 375ml

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Experience the vibrant and effervescent fusion of flavors with Frogs Hollow Brewing Mimosa Mox Red Ale, a craft brew that brings the brunch-inspired joy of mimosas into the world of red ales. Meticulously brewed by the creative team at Frogs Hollow Brewing, this Mimosa Mox variant is a celebration of citrusy brightness, a balanced malt backbone, and a touch of effervescence. Encased in the captivating can, Frogs Hollow Brewing Mimosa Mox Red Ale invites you to savor a palate that unfolds with notes of orange zest, a gentle malt sweetness, and a lively carbonation that sets it apart in the world of red ales.

Explore the tasting notes as Frogs Hollow Brewing Mimosa Mox Red Ale takes you on a refreshing and flavorful journey, offering a crisp and clean finish that makes it an ideal choice for those seeking a red ale that seamlessly blends the zesty essence of mimosas with the comforting qualities of a classic ale. Whether enjoyed at brunch or as a unique addition to your craft beer collection, Mimosa Mox Red Ale promises a lively and delightful experience that captures the essence of citrus-infused red ales.

Additional Details

375 ML
Alcohol %:
Frogs Hollow
Australian Beer
Red Ale
New South Wales

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