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Tovaritch Premium Russian Vodka 1 Litre
Tovaritch! The world’s most awarded authentic premium Russian vodka as certified by The Drink Business publication. Tovaritch currently holds 83 medals awarded from recognised and prestigious international competitions – proof of its exceptional quality. The Tovaritch motto is ’Never Drink Alone!’ and the name historically means comrade, but in modern times means buddy or friend and represents people coming together to have a great time. Tovaritch is produced in the heart of Russia with a rigorous distillation and filtration process. The vodka is made from 100% organic grain, distilled 5 times, is gluten free with no added flavour, filtered 20 times through birch, charcoal and silver and rated at 40% proof respecting Russian tradition. 
The logo and bottle artwork instantly identifies the vodka's Russian origin. Inspired by the Russian cultural and artistic icons of the 1920's that laid the foundation of the art movement known as constructivism - the art of creating something new by empowering the people. 
  • Gold Award - San Francisco World Spirit Competition 2012-2015  
  • Rated 98 Points & Gold Award for Exceptional Best Buy 2009-2012 • 
  • Gold Award - International Wine & Spirit Competition 2014 
  • Silver Award Best in Class - International Wine & Spirit Competition 2008-2013• 
  • Gold Awards across a number of categories including Premium Vodka, Russian Vodka, Design & Packaging, Organic, Consistency, Smoothness - The Spirit Business Vodka Master – 2008-2015
Tasting Note: Clear. Aromas of toasted raisin bread and vanilla cream with a silky, dryish, medium body and a creamy, fig, lemon, Demerara sugar, and pepper finish. A zesty vodka that will pop well in cocktails. 
Gran Torino Extra Dry 1 Litre
With a rich history dating back to the 18th century, Grand Torino are proud owners of the third licence ever issued. The Ferrero family devised the original recipe in 1861, combining grapes carefully selected from the Piedmont hillsides in Turin, where the Gran Torino name is derived from. Authentic Vermouth must be made with an infusion of different herbs in wine. 
Gran Torino is created with care and passion, innovation, and tradition. For over a century, Gran Torino’s outstanding quality is recognised by its’ intense, distinctive flavour. In fact, Grand Torino were the preferred Vermouth for the Italian royal family. With a secret mix of ingredients like sugar, spices, herbs, alcohol and lush mountain plantation, this is what gives Gran Torino Vermouth its’ unique, natural and unmistakable character.
Excellent as an aperitif, and ideal for the preparation of all dry cocktails. Excellent served straight with a slice of lemon.
Tasting Note: Pale yellow, A rich and intense bouquet with various fruity notes. Dry and delicate taste, pleasantly bitter and persistent aftertaste. 

Tasting Note: See item description.

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