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With a commitment to tradition and excellence there is no arguing that Belvedere Vodka wears the crown as one of the world's finest vodkas. Adhering to 600 years of Polish Vodka making tradition, Belvedere is a spirit in a class of its own, claiming precedence as "the world's first super premium vodka." Quadruple distilled from quality Dankowskie Gold Rye, this luxurious vodka features a certain balanced, pure and unique charm that convincingly defends its claim to greatness. Belvedere is ideal for cocktails, mixed drinks, or is delectably smooth enough to be enjoyed neat.

  • Finalist: 93 Points - Ultimate Spirits Challenge (USC) 2019
  • Silver Medal - International Spirits Challenge (ISC) 2019

The History of Belvedere Vodka

Almost a quarter of a century ago, vodka lovers got treated to the launch of the world's first luxury vodka. Billed as a super premium, Belvedere Vodka aspired to serve as the platinum standard of the global vodka industry. And it succeeded. The vodka's name comes from a Polish word for 'the place where one sees beauty', a word that also graces a famous palace in the capital city of Warsaw. Soon after launch, Belvedere quickly earned praise and loyal customers throughout the world, even during a time of strong competition. It also quickly found enthusiasts in the entertainment community, notably the American film star Bruce Willis.

Belvedere Vodka derives its high standards of quality from six centuries of tradition in one of the world's most renowned vodka centres; Poland. Its makers use premium Dankowskie gold rye and prized local well water in their exclusive distillation process. A dedication to local sourcing and quality helps to elevate Belvedere above the rest of the industry. Belvedere also adheres to stringent Polish requirements in its use of locally sourced ingredients. No added sugar or additives enhance its pure flavour, which features a subtle vanilla nose, creamy texture, and velvety finish. Each batch faces 33 rigorous tests for quality, including for consistent taste.

Belvedere ships some of its pure vodka to France where a master artisan supervises the crafting of macerated brands of vodka. Each of these flavours undergoes its own unique process as the flavours and aromas of dried fruits and peels are blended into the product. Then it returns to Poland to complete the process with the native water.

Tasting Note: A vanilla and cream aroma, with a smooth and rich vanilla taste, soft hints of pepper and spice, and a velvety, full quality. A pleasingly lingering finish fit with suggestions of cream, almond and Brazil nut.

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